Semper Fi #3
Memorial Honor Detail

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Elery Smith and Family
12-17-2023 9:05:09 PM CST
We appreciate the care and rewards Semper Fi 3 shows for ALL Families. The patience and strength given in dutiful respect, for all branches. Bless you and your calling. Elery Smith and Family.

The Spring Historical Museum
12-01-2023 2:28:52 PM CST
Gentlemen, A simple Thank You does not seem adequate in expressing our appreciation for what you all did on Veterans Day for Marine Cpl. Emert Tomlinson. But please accept this Thank You and our Gratitude for helping us to celebrate all Veterans and honor Emert for his sacrifice. Sincerely, Sue Mallott, President James Sharp, Vice President The Spring Historical Museum

Mateo Torres Jr.
09-22-2023 11:29:50 PM CST

Thank you Gunny Ortiz.

Mateo Torres Jr.
09-22-2023 11:27:34 PM CST


Mateo Torres Jr.
09-22-2023 11:24:24 PM CST

Please make a donation to Semper Fi no. 3

Mateo Torres Jr.
09-22-2023 11:21:04 PM CST

Thank you.

Mateo Torres Jr.
09-22-2023 11:19:37 PM CST

Pleas donate to Semper Fi No. 3

Mateo Torres Jr
09-22-2023 11:16:44 PM CST

Please donate Simper Fi No.3

Alfredo vera
05-19-2023 6:47:46 PM CST

I just wanted to thank Gunnery Sargeant Ortiz for putting such beautiful detail together.

Doc Susan newsom
04-29-2023 1:10:19 PM CST

I want to thank Semper Fi #3 for the most memorable honor to my Dad. PVC Louis R. Allen USMC You don't know how much that meant to myself and my family.I will never forget how gracious dad was honored.

Patricia Romero
04-22-2023 1:04:07 AM CST

Thanks on behalf of the Alvarez family. From a friend of Martha Alvarez.