Semper Fi #3
Memorial Honor Detail

The Gunny is looking for The Few, The Proud, The Marine: That is willing to serve on an Exclusive U.S. Marine Corps Funeral Detail.

The purpose of the Organization shall be to develop an exclusive U.S. Marine military funeral detail of high standards, integrity and professionalism of former, retired and veterans of the U.S. Marine Corps and FMF Corpsman who volunteer their time to honor those honorable veterans.

At a time when services are not available due to active duty member being involved in conflicts around the globe, Semper Fi #3 Memorial Honor Detail will stand ready to augment the Active duty side of the house.

This is and will be an all-volunteer group of retired and veteran Marines who will volunteer their time to honor those veterans being interred.  Team members will be authorized to wear the regulation Marine Corps Dress Blues (Bravo) uniform according to Marine Corps Uniform and Grooming Regulations.



Please provide your information below and one of our team members will contact you.





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